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Community Garden with United Way

On Tuesday, June 21st I joined a group of volunteers from the United Way and various business to clear a plot of land for a Community Garden in Bridgeport. Three hours of weeding wasn't so bad when I turned around and saw the progress that we had made. Before I had to leave, we had already completed our first planting box. Later that day I brought my son to see the garden and to see the progress that had been made. To my surprise there were still people there at 9:30pm! It warms my heart to see the improvements others can make with hard work and a love for community.

Water, water, water

An estimated 75% of the population are chronically dehydrated. So how much water is enough water? Recent studies suggest you drink half your body weight in ounces. For a 150lb person that is 75 ounces of water.
Water helps our bodies in many ways:
  • Detoxification
  • Nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Lubrication of the joints
  • Better immunity
Water for fat loss.. yes... it helps in losing weight. When the kidneys don't get enough water, they push their work onto the liver.

Spring is here... time for a cleaning!

Spring cleaning and I'm not just talking about the house or the yard! I'm talking about you and your body, time for a detox, a change, something! I am now offering online nutritional guidance and workout programs. My time is limited with my new job a University of Bridgeport and my current clients, but I don't want to leave anyone in the dust. E-mail or call me for more information.

Goals for 2011

In the year 2011, I have reviewed my previous goals and realized I havve made great progress. I am anticipating participating in my first Warrior Dash in August of this year, beginning my Master's in Nutrition at The University of Bridgeport and trying out some 5k's throughout the summer. I am excited to begin this year in a new light, as many personal goals of mine have finally been achieved and I look forward to creating more and challenging ventures.... as we only have one life to live, may as well live it!

Holiday Specials

Now through December 31st..... purchase one personal training session and get one free or take 50% off the personal training package rates. Great way to get you motivated...
buy a package for you, your wife, husband, friend, son, daughter, or that special someone today. Call 207-730-1123 to book you session. Happy Holidays!

Pictures from FORCE Charity Event- me with Pamela Fink

Personal trainer simply fit fairfieldPersonal training client

FORCE Charity Event Update

On Wednesday, October 27th.... I hosted a charity event at Physical and Yoga Synergy for FORCE (www.facingourrisk.org) which is dedicated to those with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. With the rain against us, we still raised nearly $700. and enjoyed and evening of fitness, yoga, fun, wine, cheese and a selection of silent auction items. I thank each and every one of you who joined us. With a special thanks to our local businesses who donated: Harry's Wine and Liquors, Roberto's Restaurant of Monroe, Bella's Cafe of New Haven, Harborview Market and Green Gourmet to Go of Black Rock, Fred Villari's Self Defense, The Center for Martial Arts of Bridgeport, Magnolia's Jewelry, Handbags and Accessories, Sahara Tanning Salon, Metta Joy Yoga, and many others...

Raising Awareness through FORCE

In light of breast cancer awareness month, I have worked with another fabulous woma
n on getting an evening together to raise money for the only national non-profit organization that supports hereditary breast and ovarian cancer FORCE (www.facingyourisk.org). The event with be held Wednesday, October 27th from 6:30-8pm. at Physical and Yoga Synergy at 340 Post Road, Fairfield. We will have the silent auction open at 6:30pm, a boot camp or yoga class at 7pm and wine, cheese and honey tasting.

Educated Training

Educated training..... this means utilizing the latest research
regarding effective and safe training methods. I have experience and a background that numerous clients have depended upon to attain their goals. I have had clients who play golf, tennis or downhill ski (for example) where their game has improved or their injuries have been rehabilitated. Currently, I have been working with more people with low back pain because of weak core and low mind-body muscle connection. Meet with me or call me today... let's talk about your goals, your expectations... things you haven't accompished yet that you want to and need to today....

A Private Personal Training Session with Me

One always wonders what a personal trainer's sessions consists of.... For our first meeting we go over your current health status, any medications or herbal supplements you take, I conduct a few fitness "tests", we discuss your goals: both short term and long term and talk about my role and your role in making it all happen. On our first training session includes cardiovascular training, strength training (with or without weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, physioballs, medicine balls, etc.
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