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Healthy Life Magazine February 2013

Please click here for my latest contribution to Healthy Life Magazine on incidental exercise. I had to disagree to an extent with a bariatric surgeon's comments on minimizing the effect of incidental exercise. Over weight and obese people are such for a reason. It is important to never minimize the little things we do, not because it adds up but because it establishes health habits!

As seen in Healthy Life

Lena Minervino (head personal trainer and owner) was featured in the February 2012 edition of Healthy Life Magazine. You can read her comments here:  http://www.healthylifect.com/home/article/Get-Fit-on-the-Cheap-3344020.php

Lena will be featured in another upcoming issue on "Can you really walk off the weight", she has also been asked to contribute to a book being written Health & Fitness. Details will be posted as they become available. 

Core Training

Core training is essential to any workout. If you have kids you know how you feel after holding them when they first learn to walk, you are leaned over with your torse almost parallel to the floor. The next day your back is screaming at you... Do you know why? Weak core muscles, your back muscles were overused because your abdominal muscles were too weak to engage. There are numerous exercises you can do to help your body learn how to activate those muscles again. I always teach my clients the basic exercises before any weight or strength training.
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