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Personal Training Session

Educated Training

Educated training..... this means utilizing the latest research
regarding effective and safe training methods. I have experience and a background that numerous clients have depended upon to attain their goals. I have had clients who play golf, tennis or downhill ski (for example) where their game has improved or their injuries have been rehabilitated. Currently, I have been working with more people with low back pain because of weak core and low mind-body muscle connection. Meet with me or call me today... let's talk about your goals, your expectations... things you haven't accompished yet that you want to and need to today....

A Private Personal Training Session with Me

One always wonders what a personal trainer's sessions consists of.... For our first meeting we go over your current health status, any medications or herbal supplements you take, I conduct a few fitness "tests", we discuss your goals: both short term and long term and talk about my role and your role in making it all happen. On our first training session includes cardiovascular training, strength training (with or without weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, physioballs, medicine balls, etc.
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